Building Connection Through Massage

A Playshop Series with Heather Feathers in collaboration with Sacred Muse

In this four-part Playshop Monthly Series, Building Connection Through Massage students will develop applicable skills that can be shared with their partner anytime; in the dungeon or out. Focus will be on increasing awareness around our sense of touch, understanding energy and arousal through touch and smell. All playshops will include discussion, demonstration, individualized instruction, and plenty of time for practice.

$55 single, $100 couple for every class (except Lotions and Potions which has an added fee for take home materials). Class size limited to 20 people to ensure equipment and individualized instruction. If you come single, you may choose to observe the hands-on portion, or be paired with another student to practice. Advance tickets only.

HeatherFeathers is a Certified Massage Therapist, Reiki practioner and Aromatherapist who has been practicing for over 17 years. She integrates several modalities from both Eastern and Western healing philosophies into her practice, including Swedish, deep tissue, Shiatsu, Thai and hot stone. Her focus is on connection and intuitive healing through massage and touch. She has been active in the Kinky community for over 3 years and would like to share her passion for massage with other Kinksters.

June 17 – Strokes and Techniques of Massage: An Overview

This three-hour workshop is designed to enhance your connection to your partner through the sense of touch. In it, we will explore massage as an act of service, aftercare, and even a scene in itself. Emphasis will be on “hearing” with the hands, asking for what you need, and taking the time to truly connect with your partner. We will go over negotiation, benefits and safety. Students will learn how to massage on a table or mat. Workshop will include discussion, demonstration, hands-on guidance, and plenty of time for practice.

July 22 – Fundamentals of Energetic Massage

Energetic Massage is a hands-on body/mind therapy that addresses healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. In this three-hour workshop, students will learn body reading skills to understand and deepen your connection with your partner. Energy fields will be explored and how to receive information energetically. We will access our vibrational and intuitive healing powers and discover how to use them in order to grow our connection and experience. Discussion, small group exercises, demonstrations and practice time are included in this unique workshop.

August 26 – After Pain There’s Always Pleasure: Pressure Points and Erogenous Zones

In this three-hour workshop, we will explore pressure points and erogenous zones to deepen the connection to your partner during a massage. Massaging pressure points can channel the flow of energy and provide pleasure when manipulated gradually. We will review the Meridian Matrix system which is used in Eastern massage, focusing on the 12 Primary Meridians used in Acupuncture and Acupressure.Erogenous zones are the areas of the body that are most responsive to sensual touch. Massaging erogenous zones can provide stress relief and increased intimacy. We will explore the lesser known erogenous zones to create a highly personal intimate experience with your partner. There will also be discussion around comfort level and communication to explore these sensitive areas with your partner. This class will include discussion, small group exercises, demonstration and hands-on practice time.

September 23 – Lotions and Potions: Aromatherapy and Blending your own Massage Oil

Are you interested in learning about scents to create a sensual mood? In this three-hour class we will discover the world of Aromatherapy and the physical, emotional and mental benefits of essential oils. Lotions, carrier oils and blending techniques will be discussed. Everyone will be able to create their own massage cream or oil to take home. And there will be time to practice using it on your partner in class too. Class includes discussion, scent sampling and hands-on activities. Class is $65 per person and $115 per couple. Cost includes a 4 oz bottle with oil or lotion and essential oil blend per person to take home.

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